• a CD recording professionally produced by Linn Records, to be recorded in York with Linn’s chief producer, Philip Hobbs. Travel and accommodation will be provided

  • £1,000 cash prize

  • a paid concert as part of the 2020 York Early Music Festival



A cash prize of £500 awarded by the Friends of the York Early Music Festival to their chosen ensemble

We are delighted to announce that our EEEMERGING+ (Emerging European Ensembles) programme has been selected by Creative Europe to receive funding.

A prize will be awarded at the competition by a panel of the project partners to their chosen ensemble, giving direct access to the scheme. To be eligible, the ensemble must consist of 3 to 9 musicians and the ensemble must have been established for no longer than 5 years.

£1,000 to be awarded by the jury either to the most promising individual instrumentalist or to the most promising ensemble.  To be eligible for the prize, an individual must be both an EU or UK national and an orchestral instrumentalist; an ensemble must consist of at least 50% EU or UK nationals and 50% instrumentalists.

A paid concert in Cambridge to take place within three years of the competition date, awarded by a member/s of Cambridge Early Music's Board of Trustees or staff to their chosen ensemble.  The concert will be subject to the availability of the artists on the dates offered, and subject to negotiation of fees.  If any member of the winning ensemble has attended one of Cambridge Early Music's Summer Schools as a full-time participant, a further award of £500 will be made to the chosen ensemble.

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